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It has been some time since my last post and I am ready to roll again. This post is about visual. About visualisation, visual thinking, visual meetings etc.

I found a very nice mindmap at about staying focussed in the age of distraction.


Talking about working smarter not harder staying focussed is one of the main things we need to do. And that is DIFFICULT!!

The embedded mindmap is a beautiful guide in staying focussed, Besides the good content it also shows the power of mindmapping. I can’t stress this enough. Take a close look at this mindmap and try to imagine the number of pages who would need to convey this message. Not only the words but also the pictures and the branches contain and convey information. Wow – don’t you agree that ¬†this is really powerful.

Mindmaps are ideal for mapping out plans, setting up as essay structure, structure your thoughts etc. But…. mindmaps are not a panacea. It is a handy tool that everyone should master. But there is more in the world of visual thinking.

INFOGRAPHICS are HOT! – See this google insights graph

At sites like you can see thousands of them and you can also upload your own. Try it and let me know how you use infographics. I am very curious.

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