• How to change your habits and adapt new ones

      Changing your "bad" habits and adapting new ones is one of the most difficult things to do. Habits are so much a part of us that changing them requires a lot of effort and much more.... Let me try to illustrate this: Maybe you're [...]
  • Innovative brain

    The Importance of Observing Brain Rules

    Brain Rules? Yes - Brain Rules. If you want to understand why certain strategies to change habits work better than others it is vital to know something about our brain and how it works. John Medina has written an excellent book about this [...]
  • Picture of a stopwatch

    Cut your meeting time in half

    I am going to share a personal experience with you. This experience changed the way I do things completely. A few years ago I attended a course in speed reading. The trainer asked this question "What is the fastest way to read this book". The [...]