In my last post I wrote about the importance of lists. Of course there is nothing wrong with good ol’ piece of paper but let’s face it – we are living in the 21st century and most of us use an iphone or some other mobile device to keep our lives organized.

These mobile devices are excellent for keeping track of your lists. There are a lot of good apps for IOS and Android and I’m not going to provide an exhausted list of them but I am going to give you some tips how to choose one.

I am a real  “cloud person” which means that I like to have my data on all devices that I have. If you are a “cloud person” you should choose an app that can synchronize with webservices like toodledo or remember the milk. This way you can manage your lists from either device or from the website itself.

My iPhone 3g broke down two months ago in the sense that I needs to plugged in to work. It still works but it is not a mobile device anymore 🙂

So the lasts two months I use a simple Samsung android phone – and to be honest I like it!

Here are some of the apps that I really like:

MAC apps:

Todo from Appigo
Remember the Milk
and of course the standard built in list app in IOS 5 which automatically synchronizes via iCloud.




Andriod app(s):

Astrid – I only found one good GTD app. Please let me know if you found other apps.


Remember the milk



If you only want a simple free task manager then you should try Wunderlist. It is free and it has a beautiful look and feel. The best news is that is it available on all platforms.

So far my initial thoughts about apps to keep track of your tasks. In the future I will post more in depth kind of reviews on some of these apps.

Please let me know what apps you are using.

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