Lists, lists, lists

This is a short post about the importance of lists in our life. Maybe you hate lists as much as I do – but there is no alternative. To be listless is an inefficient en unproductive way to live life.

Lists are important because they:

  • help you to remember to do things
  • unclutter your mind
  • help you to take inventory
  • are motivating and provide direction
  • help you set goals
  • help you establish priorities
  • keep you focused
  • are satisfying when you can cross off all your accomplishments
  • help you visualize
  • help organise and clarify your thinking (and can move you from generalities to specifics)
  • ……

Of course you can use your iPhone or other device to make lists. There are excellent taks management apps for IOS and Android. I love Todo from Appigo and Things for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

An excellent alternative for Android users is Astrid.

Last but not least there are a lot of cloud services like Remember the Milk or Toodledo.

My wife doesn’t like all these gadgets but she said that I have become more organised since I use my iPhone  🙂


Please feel free to leave your comment. I am very interested why and how you use lists (or not).

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