Visual projectmanagement

For project management Gantt charts and Pert charts belong to the most used visual aids. A Gantt chart shows the taks and the assigned team members on a timeline. This can be very helpful but in real life Gantt charts have to be updated on a daily basis because the actual work that is done differs from the project baseline.

WEB 2.0 technology enables groups to collaborate. This type of collaboration is very useful in projectmanagement. Services like basecamp can provide overview in projects and you can share documents and comments.

For small projects there are interesting new developments. One of them is Trello. Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that really holds true for Trello. Trello is very simple yet extremely effective (and free :)).
So let’s have a look at Trello by clicking on the Youtube video.

You have to try this for yourself. Like I said – It is FREE 🙂

At home my 14 year old son uses it to keep me informed about his homework assignments and other tasks and chores. Until now nothing worked bu this does. He enjoys it and I know what he is doing and when. It is simple and at the same time more sophisticated than you think.

Another helpful webservice is Cohuman. It is a Mindjet initiative and that’s reassuring because Mindjet has some trackrecord in visualisation software (ie. Mindmanager). differs from Trello in the fact Trello resembles your actions and actively determines the priorities of the tasks in you project(s). is a webservice that still is quite unique. I have never come acros something like it.

Cohuman is a social online task management service that provides groups of people a more dynamic and effective way to communicate on projects and get work done.  Cohuman creates a social task network that improves the coordination of people and tasks across all projects so everyone is on the same page and knows precisely what they need to do.

While Trello can be used for simple projects and collaboration Cohuman is capable of handling complex projects and tasks. It is very difficult to describe all the features and therefore I advise you to watch the three minute Youtube video and see for yourself. I am very confident that you want to try this out immediatelly!’

So – if you are a project manager of if you work in a project team, you have to check out Trello or Cohuman. These two novel webservices are free and enable you to run your projects effectively with visual dashboards and social media integration.

I am very interested in webservices that you use for task- and project management. Feel free to leave your comment.

Till next time