Do you think perfectionism is a blessing or a curse? While a lot of people think that perfectionism is a possitive trait reality shows that most people suffer from the consequences of perfectionism. Don’t get me wrong – I like to finish things but there is a difference in doing your job good and doing your job perfect. The main difference is TIME SPENT.

I have made a small whiteboard animation to show the cost of perfectionism according to the 80/20 rule.

What do you think?

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Know your Audience

Have you experienced one of the following situations?

  • My audience is not listening or paying attention to my presentation
  • The result of my presentation is very poor
  • I get negative response on my presentations

If this is familiar to you then there is a chance that you haven’t prepared your presentation with your audience in mind.

Connecting with your audience means success!

To be effective you have to really know your audience.

Four businesspeople in boardroom with one businessman sleeping

So before you start preparing ask yourself a couple of questions about your audience

  • What are they like?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why did they come to this presentation?
  • What is best way  to reach them?
  •  What are their fears?
  • How will they react to what you have to say?
  • How can you help them solve their problems?
  • What do you want them to do as a result of your presentation?

The answers to the questions will help you to create a presentation that really fits the needs of your audience. They will feel at ease and your presentation will have effect.

Do not forget to include a strong call for action in your conclusion.






What makes them tic?

What do ty

Update on iMindMap6

Here is quick update on iMindMap6.

In my last post I was very enthusiastic and this has not changed a bit after a week playing around with it. I JUST LOVE IT!

What do I love most about it? 

Without a doubt – The new presentation mode  

The completely revamped presentation mode is in my opinion the real killer feature of this version (only available in iMindMap6 Ultimate)

You now have complete freedom how to arrange the slides of your presentation. I have made a few YouTube movies for my Dutch channel about learning how to learn or study and it is very easy to create a mind map and to make the presentation. 

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iMindMap Basic

I am very excited to write this article about the complete new iMindmap 6. I already liked iMindmap 5 very much but still missed some features. It looks like the “guys” at Thinkbuzan have read my mind. This new version addresses most of the issues that I had with iMindmp 5.

Here is a short movie where Owen Hardy @ThinkBuzan explains what is new in iMindMap6.

Now let’s have a look at the new and improved featured I like most. Note that these features are only available in het Ultimate version of iMindmap6.

iMindMap Basic

My personal favorites


The New presentation mode

The presentation mode has been completely rebuilt and it now possible to make your OWN presentation. You now can design you own “slides” and you have all the freedom you want and need. It is now very easy to use one mind map for different presentations. 

See this 12 minutes video for more details  on the presentation mode. After this you want to download the free trial version and experience it yourself 🙂


Improved 3D mode

The 3D mode is now fully functional. You can create mind maps in 2D or 3D mode. There are also special central idea images that are enhanced for 3D mode viewing. The effect is stunning. Thinkbuzan has also added some 3D backgrounds. This really enhances the 3D experience. You have to see it to understand how it works. 

This video shows you some highlights about the new 3D mode

 The new branch target

The new design of the branch target is a real time saver. In version 5 you had to use the menu to choose between the type of branch before you could draw the branch. With the new branch target you can directly draw normal branches, box branches or relationships without using the menu. Together with the full screen mode you really have the idea that you are working on a mind map instead of using a program to do that. You don’t need the menu that much any more because almost you want to do is available from context menu’s that pop-up automatically or by using the new branch target. Way to go ThinkBuzan! See the movie for the new branch target.



Mindmap Snppets

 The last new feature I would like to mention is the mind map snippets feature. It looks a lot like map part feature of Mindmanager that I use a lot. It allows you to re-use mind map parts. Just select a brach that you want to re-use and create a snippet. You can use this snippet in another mind map without having to draw the branches again. Very useful for planning or work breakdown structures that you use over and over again.

Other interesting new and improved features

  • better stench tool
  • better and smoother performance
  • Multi select ( Yes – finally)
  • better floating text features
  • Versioning with way back feature with Buzan Cloud services
  • New box branch types
  • Customizable relationships
  • Fullscreen mode
  • ….
iMindMap Basic


As a business consultant and trainer I used to prefer Mindmanager as the ultimate business tool. With iMindmap 5 I started using iMindmap more and more. It was the only software that could produce beautiful mind maps and it could be used on a PC and on a MAC (very important to me) . It gradually became my software of choice for mind mapping in a business context. 
With iMindmap 6 there is no doubt for me. It will be my preferred software for visual mapping. No software program is perfect but iMindmap 6 comes as close as can be.
With iMindmap 6 you  can create
  • beautiful mind maps
  • basic flowcharts
  • Gantt charts for project planning
  • outlines
  • basic concept maps
The 3D view and the smart layout and lots of other features just blows the competition away.  Combine this with the iMindmap freedom package (Buzan Cloud, Android and iPhone apps) and you can’y go wrong IMO.
Is there nothing that could be improved or are there no wishes left?
Of course. Like I stated – no software program is perfect. 
These are some improvements that I would like to see in iMindmap 6.
  • Improved task management system with a more intuitive interface and basic resource reporting
  • Expand and collapse options for one branch and not only for the whole mind map
  • Saving filter queries
  • Easier drag and drop of branches
  • floating topics for easy brainstorming (idea generation)
So I hope @thinkbuzan will read this article and take note of my suggestions 🙂
Ton Meeuwissen
Visual Thinker, Trainer and Business Consultant


In my last post I wrote about the importance of lists. Of course there is nothing wrong with good ol’ piece of paper but let’s face it – we are living in the 21st century and most of us use an iphone or some other mobile device to keep our lives organized.

These mobile devices are excellent for keeping track of your lists. There are a lot of good apps for IOS and Android and I’m not going to provide an exhausted list of them but I am going to give you some tips how to choose one.

I am a real  “cloud person” which means that I like to have my data on all devices that I have. If you are a “cloud person” you should choose an app that can synchronize with webservices like toodledo or remember the milk. This way you can manage your lists from either device or from the website itself.

My iPhone 3g broke down two months ago in the sense that I needs to plugged in to work. It still works but it is not a mobile device anymore 🙂

So the lasts two months I use a simple Samsung android phone – and to be honest I like it!

Here are some of the apps that I really like:

MAC apps:

Todo from Appigo
Remember the Milk
and of course the standard built in list app in IOS 5 which automatically synchronizes via iCloud.




Andriod app(s):

Astrid – I only found one good GTD app. Please let me know if you found other apps.


Remember the milk



If you only want a simple free task manager then you should try Wunderlist. It is free and it has a beautiful look and feel. The best news is that is it available on all platforms.

So far my initial thoughts about apps to keep track of your tasks. In the future I will post more in depth kind of reviews on some of these apps.

Please let me know what apps you are using.